What's Up With All The Hysteria?

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Humanity's intimate relationship with fear.

If you're like me you've been bombarded seemingly nonstop with the Coronavirus pandemic that's sure to catch the whole world in its mucusy, slimy grip.  

Never mind that even though thousands have died across the world, the fatality rate has remained lower than the Flu and SARS and the symptoms are so mild that it's easy for both the infected and health providers to miss. 

President Trump has responded to the issue quickly and is preparing for a wider outbreak but panicking according to him and the Western Journal is not a good way to respond.

I was watching the CBN news the other day about the coronavirus outbreak. Then I had a thought:

"What if the news media is using a possible pandemic to attack President Trump and Republicans?"

The same article from Western Journal brought up how New York Times commentator Gail Collins suggested that the virus should be called "Trumpvirus" and that we should blame it all on him.


And that's not all.

Climate Change, gender confusion, the LGBT agenda, gun violence, etc.

I feel sorry for the kids growing up nowadays and what they're being exposed to.

Being taught that to panic and riot is to enact change.

Dennis Prager had this to say from an article I read on realchangepolitics.com:

"I am not certain why people panic so easily. Perhaps it is built into human nature. Perhaps it is the power of the media to influence people. Perhaps it is because life is so easy in the modern world that people have come to expect a life without deadly illness or premature death from any cause. Perhaps it is because of the lack of perspective noted above.

There are things about which people should be panicked. For example, the contempt for America and capitalism taught to a generation of young Americans from elementary school through college is worthy of panic. The extreme levels of economy-collapsing debt we are irresponsibly piling onto the backs of future generations to maintain "entitlements" is worthy of panic. So is the premature sexualization of children -- encouraging them to choose their own gender and taking 5-year-olds to public libraries for "drag queen story hour." But such things hardly register with most Americans."


That's the key word.

Hysteria as a means of control.

It's a tactic that's been used ever since the beginning of time. Or rather Adam's fall anyway.

Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Osama Bin Laden, etc, have all used social unrest, hysteria, and terror as a way to keep the public under the heel of their boot.

They don't care if kids are having nightmares because of climate change hysteria.

I think that's what they want.

They won't say it because they want you to just believe every word that comes out of

the mouths or the media that they control's mouth. 

So what can you and I do?



I went to youth retreat one time and the whole theme was fearlessness and at the end, we got a shirt that said:

Fearlessness is not the absence of fear but living boldly in the face of it.

I encourage you to do that today!

Live boldly, live fearlessly. Live your life!

In the end, Jesus will have the ultimate final say.

Put your life in His hands, and you will have nothing to fear.

You may have fears, you will have struggles but you don't have to give in to them.

Recognize, the tactics that are being used against you, and say no to the hysteria!

You don't need it. I don't need it.

Let's move on.


-Jordan Blackwood

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