The Fox And The Tyrant

Democratic Debates, Racism, Scuba Diving And Groundhogs.

Does anyone remember the story of the gingerbread man? And the fox that helped it get away...right into his stomach?

I find it to be a good analogy for this socialism trend that's taking this country by storm.

After reading about the meanderings that went on during the Democratic debates, It seemed like each candidate was going on and on about how they would use the government to lift the burdens of the people.

Freeing people from having to pay for healthcare, freeing people from having to deal with babies they didn't want, freeing people from the so-called "oppression" of other people.

All in exchange for the undying devotion to the government.

Not the country, the government.

There are countless examples of the tragedy that ensued when people give up their rights because the government convinced them it was in their best interest to do so.

Ancient Rome in its final days, Nazi Germany, Venezuela, and countless others.

Matt Walsh wrote a commentary piece for the Daily Wire in which he describes the Democrats pandering to different people including Latinos by dodging a question by speaking in Spanish. They believe that by offering as many "free" programs as possible they will get votes.

You can read that article here

Their willingness to treat illegal immigrants as American Citizens are leaving many feeling betrayed. And rightfully so.


The president's first duty should be to the American People. Legal American citizens for that matter.

Matt Walsh called the Democratic presidential hopefuls scientifically illiterate and morally depraved.

I think I'd add power hungry to his definition. Like dictators and tyrannical emperors. They don't want an educated, self-reliant, populace. They want a loyal populace.

To the black community, I would like to say this, consider how plantation masters back in the days of slavery operated. They didn't want educated slaves. They wanted docile, child-like slaves who would be appreciative of every "free" thing they were given. Anything they "owned" they wanted to be sure they knew every single day that it was Ol' Massa that gave it to them.

If they ran away, spoke or acted out of line, they were severely punished. The same could be said during the Jim Crow Era. It just looked a bit different.

After the welfare state was created Lyndon Johnson was purported to have said: I'll have those n**** voting democrat for the next 200 years!

The Fox ate the gingerbread man at a moment that he didn't expect, but only because the fox had convinced him to trust him.

If you want to see the result of a group of people who have been manipulated into believing these lies, look no further than California. A place where the homeless sit outside walled mansions. Mansions of people who advocated for a wall-less border.

Open your eyes, consider the "freedom" that the liberals provide over the freedom that our constitution guarantees.

Bernie Sanders Tries To Redefine Economic Freedom By Cancelling Student Debt.

That’s mainly because the human heart will always embrace the notion that our shortcomings spring not from choice but from circumstance. Sometimes that’s true. But in a free country, it’s far more often untrue.

Source: The Daily Wire

Here’s another example of a liberal democrat and socialist offering to wipe away your decisions by canceling student debt. The fact of the matter is that not everyone needs to go to college. For some people, it might be trade school to become an electrician, photographer, automotive technician or a barber. Chances are though, that person will get a job much quicker and have less student debt.

I personally think that we should colleges and politicians should encourage more financial management courses in college. Finances in college and in life are ultimately the responsibility of the individual, including debt.

Racist Professor Pens Essay In Which He Fantasizes About Assaulting Homeless White Man.

He invoked Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the essay, depicting the civil rights activist as an inner-voice life-coach telling Powers to do the right thing.

“I stopped myself. It’s the Martin Luther King Jr. life-coach again, saying, ‘Love your enemies! Get to know them as people.’ No Dr. King! Today I own my anger. I want to snatch his food and say, ‘Go beg in a white neighborhood!’ And eat it. And rub my belly. And laugh.”

Source: The Western Journal

Racism is racism. It’s just as wrong black on white as it is white on black. I’ve come across a few people in my life who thought this way. Growing up I was attacked verbally by some black kids my age who thought I had somehow betrayed them because I was adopted into a mostly white family. It left me angry, hurt and confused because I had been taught that Jesus loves people of all colors. This behavior is an insult to the civil rights leaders black and white who were attacked because they called for racial unity and reconciliation.

Navy And Marine Vets Scuba Dive To Save Coral Reefs From Disease.

Reyes, who had been suffering from depression after serving as a Recon Marine, was delighted to experience the magic of scuba diving – and his excitement helped Ritterhoff to realize just how they could use the experience to help other US veterans.

Source: Good News Network

I’ve never been Scuba Diving myself but I’ve heard that it’s a great experience! As a Florida Native, I’m proud of the rich marine life that calls our coasts home. Force Blue is doing a great job providing help to our brave vets suffering from PTSD and Depression and Florida’s coral reefs. They’re supplying each other with life!

Groundhog Enjoys A Breadstick At Olive Garden In Portland, Maine.

Tiffany Holt snapped the cute picture and shared in on Facebook.

“I’m at Olive Garden in Portland and we look over and see a pal eating bread sticks with us,” the post read.

Source: Fox News

Here’s something that’ll either brighten your day or gross you out if don’t like groundhogs. Click here to see the video!

Alright folks! That’s it for this week!

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-Jordan Blackwood