Merit Over Color

Racism, Hope after abortion, butter sculptures and track chairs!

I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of the skin but the content of their character. - MLK Jr.

I think we're all still waiting for this day.

Cade Almond puts it perfectly when he says that identity politics has become a "blot" on our society.

The longstanding mission of this country used to be that anyone from any country could come to this country, work hard and make something of themselves.

History has shown that hasn't always been the case but people like Martin Luther King Jr. worked hard to make it a reality.

In his day, blacks were marching in the streets of Birmingham and other places in the south for the right to be equal to whites.

They fought for the right to be seen for their merit and character, not their color.

Nowadays, some politicians and some so-called "civil rights activists" want just the opposite.

It overturns everything our ancestors fought for and breeds racism.

For example, a former principal of an elementary school in Michigan is suing the district for racism. She is white and her replacement was black. She believes that she is more qualified for the position than her counterpart.

If this former principal is correct in her accusations, this is not a cause for celebration. No one should be promoted to anything based solely on skin color. That is the dictionary definition of racism and discrimination.

Check out the article HERE and decide for yourself.

We are stronger as a community, society, and individuals when we are seen by who we are rather than what we look like. As humans, God created us in His own image to be stewards of His creation. We can only do that if we work together and not be divided by trivial things like race.

NAACP Shows True Colors, Unanimously Votes For Trump's Impeachment.

The NAACP, meanwhile, is calling for impeachment despite very low unemployment numbers for African-Americans. In doing so, the group is showing that its real goal is to push a political agenda rather than to work for the benefit of African-Americans.

Source: The Western Journal

The NAACP was started as a Civil Rights group. Their focus was on helping people of color who were dealing with workplace, housing, and educational discrimination. As I mentioned before they were focused on ensuring that blacks were equal to whites in every sphere of society. Now it seems that they're more concerned about getting rid of President Trump and other political matters involving...sigh....identity politics.

Mom Of Five Finds Healing Following Two Abortions.

As Kapustinski sat in grief and shame over her abortions, she realized just how much strength her birth mother displayed by choosing adoption over abortion, considering both her age and the circumstances surrounding the conception.

Source: The Western Journal

This is a beautiful story! It reminds me of the movie October Baby. I love how she found forgiveness and healing through her own adoption. Erika Kapustinski is out there sharing her story of grace and hope despite the agenda and narrative on abortion that the left is pushing!

Ohio State Fair To Include Butter Sculptures Of Apollo 11 Astronauts In Dairy Products Building.

The Dairy Products Building at the state fairgrounds houses a life-size depiction of Neil Armstrong, a native of Wapakoneta, saluting the American flag he planted on the moon. Also on hand: the other Apollo 11 moonmen: Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, sitting next to a butter cow (it had a cattle ID tag with an embossed "11") and a calf (with Apollo ear tag).

Source: Fox News

It took five artists and five hundred hours of work to bring out these masterpieces! The butter is then recycled to make biodiesel, animal feed, tires, and cosmetics. Seriously, who knew that tires and cosmetics could be made out of butter? I wasn't alive yet to see the moon landing in 1969 but it must've been amazing! I do remember taking a trip to Cape Canaveral and getting to see where the first U.S. astronaut was launched into space and where the last space shuttle was about to be launched!

National Park Provides Heavy-Duty Wheelchairs For Disabled Visitors.

The “track chair” is a wheelchair that has been equipped with treads to navigate the steep hills and sandy trails of Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Source: Good News Network

It's good to see an organization working to ensure that this park is disability-friendly so that more people can enjoy it. Hopefully, more national and state parks will follow their lead.

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-Jordan Blackwood