Men Of Character.

Dads, gators and pools.

Father's Day weekend is here! It's a day where folks all around the country and the world celebrate the dads in their lives! But for many, this weekend is a time of pain, not joy.

According to, 1 out of 4 children is living in a fatherless home in the United States.

In my opinion, having a father or a father figure is the key to developing men of character. Every young man NEEDS to have a man in their life that will love them and lift them up.

As someone who can relate to the great pain of the fatherless, I have found great joy in knowing that I can depend on my Creator who holds "Father Of The Fatherless" as one of His many titles. It brings me joy to see men who step up as role models for these young men, and women too.

Tom Manion, an officer in the USMC, started a foundation for at-risk youth in honor of his son Travis who was killed while serving in Iraq.

He's an example of a man who's encouraging young men to be men of character.

You can read his story here.

This Father's Day, keep the fatherless children in your thoughts and prayers.

If you know one personally, reach out to them in love! Show them what it means to live free!

Dad Overcomes Odds And Builds Backyard Swimmin’ Holes!

That being said, the Louisiana construction worker wasn’t always a millionaire pool designer. As a teenager, White was homeless for eight months, and he told The Daily Advertiser that he could only read at a second-grade level when he eventually dropped out of high school.

Source: Good News Network

Here’s a rag to riches story that doesn’t involve a hollywood celebrity or an athlete! I remember seeing this story on social media and I was blown away by the backyard beaches this guy makes!

It goes to show that following your skill set and opportunity is one of the best ways to go about your career!

Officer Gives Homeless Man In Need Of Shoes The Ones Off His Feet.

“I was happy,” Zagorski told WGN-TV of the exchange. “I made a difference, and that’s essentially what we sign up to do, is to make a difference.”

Source: The Western Journal

This, in my opinion, is the definition of generosity. The shoe sizes matched and everything! Officer Zagorski is certainly a man of character!

Angry Gator Attacks Lousiana Officer’s Car.

While officers were waiting for wildlife removal experts to arrive, the gator took a bite of the car’s bumper and fled the scene, according to WBRZ.

Source: Fox News

This sounds like something out of a comedy! If you’ve been watching or reading the news, gators have made the headlines fairly often. Especially in my home state of Florida. I’m no gator expert but I wonder if they’re up to something!

This gator had apparently either had enough of us humans or was just having a bad day. He bit off the bumper of this Louisiana Deputy’s car before wildlife removal could catch him!

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Live Free!

-Jordan Blackwood