Hidden In Plain Sight

Homelessness, politics, police and mental health

When I was searching around unsplash.com for a picture that perfectly describes the homeless crisis in L.A. I came across this one. This picture I think perfectly sums this issue of The Freeman Wire.

One a public officer, the other poor, homeless man. Both hidden in plain sight. The police often get buried beneath the bad news and the other ignored by politicians. Both are ignored by politicians. It’s very easy to forget the humanity beneath. The media and politicians only want you to see the officer’s brutality or scandals and the homeless man is ignored in favor of other issues.

When I was growing up, I was taught to the police as community helpers. They were there to help and protect people from themselves and others.

In regards to the homeless, I tried to give when I could. Either directly or to organizations that would help them. Many of them, sadly, are vets from one of the various branches of our military.

The government has failed them both.

Take Skid Row, for instance, a fast-growing town full of homeless people. Right outside the door of Hollywood celebrities and record-topping artists.

A group of Trump-supporting activists went out to clean up the place a little bit according to the article from The Daily Wire.

Here’s a quote from the article:

As The Daily Wire has chronicled, largely as a result of progressive policies, Los Angeles is increasingly plagued by homelessness, which has resulted in rampant drug abuse, the spreading of diseases, and the accumulation of garbage in many areas. The problem has also increasingly inspired residents to begin to call out elected officials for failing to keep neighborhoods safe. 

This is another example of how government oversight is hurting people, not helping them. Los Angeles is almost like a third-world country in the United States.

And it’s not the only one.

These same communities that police officers have sworn to protect are being villainized by the media and certain elements of pop culture. Like Music.

The head honchos of these communities celebrate depravity and poverty as a way to advance their political agendas.

And then go against the men and women in blue that are trying to maintain safety and order.

What does this say about us?

If we can’t count on every politician to look out for the best interests for us then we need to do it ourselves.

Say thank you to a police officer when you get the chance. They have families too. And many of them haven’t come home from work.

If you’re not able to give to a homeless person, at least keep them in your prayers. If you can give, give to a charity that will work to provide job training, housing, and food.

Let’s look out for each other ladies and gentlemen. That’s what makes a community, a community!

Dozens Of Officers Show Up At Son Of Fallen Officer’s First Football Game.

“The one thing he couldn’t stop talking about was Joaquin starting football this year,” Lara told CNN, according to KCPQ.

“We made a promise to the family that we’re gonna be there for special events,” he continued. “Being the first football game, we gathered agencies from across the valley to let him know that we’re still there, even though his dad’s not.”

Source: The Western Journal

This is fantastic. Even though this kid no longer had his dad. He had the love and support of the entire law enforcement agency that his dad was a part of. I can almost picture him looking up at the stands and seeing all the people cheering him on!

Deputy Sheriff Pays For Woman’s Gas So She Can Get Home.

Owen met the woman at a gas station not far away, getting out of his patrol car to pump her gas. That’s when she handed him $8 to cover the cost.

“I asked if she thought that would be enough to get her home, and she told me where she was going and that she thought it should cover it,” he said. But the officer knew the area well enough to know that she might not make it back on just a little fuel.

Source: The Western Journal

Here’s a example of a community helper being, well, a community helper!

Former Gang Members Commit To Peace And Becoming Mentors In Their Communities.

According to an interview with Freethink, OGU participants who have been incarcerated in the past are dramatically less likely to reoffend within the first year of their release; and once they have learned to become positive role models in their community, they become mentors for the program so they can pass on their experiences to the next generation of youth.

Source: Good News Network

I love seeing people who are commit themselves to being mentors to young men and women in troubled communities. Many of these people don’t have fathers and oftentimes like to gangs to provide the love, support and acceptance. The fact that there coming from these two gangs that normally hate each other is amazing!

Former Pastor Encourages Churches To Take Mental Health More Seriously.

Austin suggested that churches seriously consider talking about mental health transparently and more often through messages from the pulpit, intentional conversations in Sunday School and even offering support groups for those that need it.

Source: The Western Journal

I remember scrolling through my Instagram a couple of weeks ago and came across the news that Jarrid Wilson had taken his life. I’d been following him on social media and really admired his work. He was outspoken about mental health, depression and suicide. He even started a nonprofit called Anthem Of Hope.

There a lot of people out there struggling with anxiety and depression. The church has a great, beautiful and powerful message in the gospel brings light and healing to the world. But, there is also a great responsibility of encouraging those in the faith to carry on. Love and support both require action. There are so many people out there that are struggling.

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-Jordan Blackwood