Has Ethical Journalism Been Swept Aside?

Maybe. Here's what you and I can do about it.

Many here in the United States believe that we are the verge of a second civil war. And rightfully so, America seems more polarized than ever. Especially in political spheres. 

It used to be that differing opinions and perspectives were honored in this country, even when I was growing up. Once I got to college, I noticed that there was one train of thought mainly the liberal/progressive point of view that was celebrated and the more conservative view which was merely tolerated. 

Nowadays, it seems like it's not even tolerated anymore. With the rise of ANTIFA and BLM. And Social Media censorship. Certain elites in mainstream society are trying to discourage civil discourse. A bedrock foundation to the country enshrined in the first amendment of the Constitution. 

Ariana Pearky, An MSNBC producer was so fed up that she quit back in July. In referring to the divisionary tactics of the news media company she says:

"The model blocks diversity of thought and content because the networks have incentive to amplify fringe voices and events, at the expense of others… all because it pumps up the ratings.”

Pearky was concerned and maybe even insulted that the media is willing to do anything including throw ethical journalism out the window for the sake of ratings and power.

Ethical Journalism Network considers there to be Five Pillars of Ethical Journalism:

  1. Truth And Accuracy- News must be accurate and truthful

  2. Independence- Journalists should not be acting out of special interests.

  3. Fairness and Impartiality- Objectivity should be striven for when possible

  4. Humanity- Journalists should try not to cause harm with their words and images when possible.

  5. Accountability- If a journalist makes a mistake, they should correct it. Professionalism is a must at all times.

I think most news outlets try to follow these rules. But with so much censorship, fake news and some conspiracies around stories, it’s hard to know for sure.

You’re probably in the same boat. So are a lot of other Americans.

There’s implicit media bias across just about every news network. That’s obvious. We can fact check but we don’t always know what to look for.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have an answer for you.

There’s a very real possibility that we just have unethical leaders in the mainstream media.

FastCompany has 5 reasons why we don’t have more ethical ones.

  1. Lack intuition

  2. Disregard integrity

  3. Are seduced by narcissistic leaders

  4. Seek to acquire status and power

  5. Are driven by selfish desires

I agree with all these things. I’m sure you do too. It seems pretty obvious. Anyone can get caught in unethical behavior. Especially people that have the power to influence others.

Here in The Freeman Wire, I lean conservative and right. But I primarily try to stick with whatever aligns with my biblical values.

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We need to have a standard by which we live by. A banner we fly to help others and ourselves cut through the noise.

And all I can do is encourage you to do the same.

If ethics have indeed gone out the window with some media outlets and instead of informing the public in a fair and unbiased manner. And are unleashing a brutal agenda of politicizing every sphere of american life…

We must push back.

The constitution guarantees freedom of the press for the media but it also guarantees freedom of speech for citizens.

If we feel that the media is stepping on our rights then we should take action.

It starts with yourself and the people around you.

That can be as simple as turning off the TV and doing something else. Or putting away your phone and reading a book.

Don’t let the news tell you or others how to think.

This is not a communist, authoritarian or totalitarian country.

That is not their job.

They give you the information, you decide what to do with it.

The walk of integrity is a difficult one but it’s a good one.

And with fears of COVID-19, BLM, the economy and just 2020 in general, it’s important to be a light that shines in the darkness!

Live ethically. Live with integrity.

Have a great week!

-Jordan Blackwood

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