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Just yesterday, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Thousands upon thousands of allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy to liberate a Nazi-controlled France during World War Two.

President Trump flew in to France along with 60 veterans from that day still alive. He gave a riveting speech in which he called the vets of the war “the greatest generation”. You can read the story here

I can only imagine what it must’ve been like to be crammed together with other scared but invigorated and willing men as their landing craft slid to a stop on the shores of Normandy.

And then, at the commands of their officers, charged into the fray to meet the German defenses head on.

They had two goals in mind:

  1. Liberate Europe

  2. End the war

May the soldiers who fought in D-Day be an inspiration to us all. May they remind us to charge into life with courage and perseverance. May we brave the defenses of the enemy with hope and purpose!

WWII Vet Receives Medals 60 Years Later From Battle Wounds.

Source: The Western Journal

Raymond Chambers, a real trooper and warrior of yesterday and today. During the Battle of Iwo Jima, he got hit with shrapnel in the leg. He and the doctors at the time didn't think his wounds were serious enough to keep him off the battlefield so he kept fighting.

After the war, he went home to his family in Michigan with no medals and became an ice cream man at a travelling carnival.

Decades later, he went to the doctor about the pain in his leg that he had mostly ignored as a nuisance. It was then they he discovered that they were battle wounds.

Chambers received the Asiatic Pacific Campaign medal along with two bronze stars at a ceremony in Tampa, Florida. His wife, children and grandchildren were among those in attendance.

Real trooper!

Thanks for your service Mr. Chambers!

Colorado Teen In Need Of New Kidney To Be Adopted By Teacher.

Source: Upbeat News

I can relate to this kid, I was in and out of the hospital when I was a baby and in foster care. I will be forever grateful for the medical care I received from my family and for them adopting me! I hope everything works out for him.

Tim Tebow Makes Kind Gesture To Handicapped Fan.

Source: The Western Journal

Nothing to see here. Just Tebow being Tebow!

Tim Tebow does a lot of great work for kids! The Tim Tebow Foundation started a special needs prom called Night To Shine. Churches all over the world hold a prom just for people of the special needs community, including a local church in my city!

Teen Girl Compares Abortion To Slavery. Prompts Outcry From Liberals.

Source: Daily Wire

Kudos to this girl for standing up for what's right! As someone who's studied slavery in the US a lot for my last novel, I can say that she is absolutely 110% right.

The pro-slavery argument of the past and pro-abortion argument are eerily similar.

Both rob people of the humanity for the sake of politics and control.

And both arguments were pushed by the Democrat Party.

No one likes to be exposed which is why people back then and now reacted so strongly.

Bottom line is that stripping people of their humanity is a crime against God.


Because every human is created in the Image of God.

His call. Not ours.

Charge into the fray! Meet the enemy head on! Fight for justice! Fight for liberty. Fight for freedom!

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-Jordan Blackwood