A New City?

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I read an article the other day about seasteading. The idea is to build a floating city in the sea as a way to escape increasing government control in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis. Like Silicon Valley, these seasteads would be like "start-up" societies and governments that will allow people to experiment with different social, political, economic, and cultural systems.

People would have the freedom to move from one seastead to another depending on the preferences. The seasteads themselves, would have to compete with each other to bring in new citizens.

Patri Friedman, one of the founders of the Seasteading Institute and leader in the seasteading movement, says this:

“We will give people the freedom to choose the government they want, instead of being stuck with the government they get.”

According to the article, critics also said it could lead to an

“apartheid of the worst kind”.

As I was reading, I became a bit intrigued by the idea of seasteading. A decentralized, start-up approach to government sounded like a neat idea!

That is until I read what the critics said, a burning question popped into my mind.

"How would these seasteads deal with corruption in their leadership?"

The desire to create a perfect society has been etched deep within the human heart and consciousness. Most people have thought about what it would be like to live in a perfect world, nation, or city. Many have tried to create it.

For centuries all over the world, humans have experimented with new forms of politics, culture, technology, etc. Even the United States began as an experiment in equal rights, smaller government, and democracy.

The "great civilizations" of Rome, Egypt, Greece, and many others had one thing in common. They fell. Either through conquest by other nations, natural disasters, or political corruption.

Political corruption was one of the main reasons Rome fell. And many people say that it's one of the ways that America could fall.

I realize I'm getting a little dark here but bear with me.

Even society will have to face and deal with corruption. Even these seasteads.

The answer isn't simply a special coalition of watchdogs or stronger laws. Don't get me wrong. I am a proponent of those things. The electoral college and the system of checks and balances in the United States are extremely important.

But what if the people who run those things decide not to follow protocol or go in with wrong motivations. Checks and balances don't always work and some people are trying to eliminate the electoral college. That has to do with a lust for power but that's another story.

Let's take Ancient Israel as an example. All 12 tribes were present when Moses presented the ten commandments. What did Israel do? Immediately begin to break them. Starting with the Golden Calf, a direct violation of the first commandment, where God tells them not to have any gods before Him.

Israel was chosen by God to represent Him to the rest of the world. The rest of the bible from Exodus is to the New Testament is about Israel's failure to uphold those laws.

We need more than just new laws, governments, or organizations. We need new hearts. We need to become new people, we need new humans!

This is where Jesus comes in!

We need a perfect law written on our hearts that we can live by regardless of the situation.

The bible paints a beautiful picture in the last book, the book of Revelation. The New Jerusalem is a culmination of humanity fulfilling their original purpose and design, free from sin and with the law of God written on their hearts and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

It is a perfect city full of perfect people filled by a perfect God!

That's why those who repent of their sins and receive the holy spirit consider themselves to be Children Of God and Citizens of the heavenly city of God right now!

And that's a beautiful thing!

Have a great week and as always...

Live Free!

-Jordan Blackwood

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